This about me page
is about you

I want you to:

• Harness my 25+ years of accumulated training, career coaching and HR experience.

• Use my energy, knowledge and confidence to grow your own.

• Challenge me so that we both do great work together

• Channel my knowledge to grow your wisdom.

Sharing knowledge, creativity and collaboration inspires me l love to witness the ‘a-ha’ moment in someone’s eyes.

My passion is, and always has been, to help individuals to reach their potential. I do this by advising people on their career journeys, those just about to start and those who may find themselves a little lost. During my career, I have supported many colleagues and managers to overcome people management issues; through recruitment, talent management and training. Common themes are staff motivation, ineffective delegation, job/person mismatch, (mis)communication. My professional and academic career has given me in-depth knowledge and experience in a wide variety of areas such as; psychology, career coaching, guidance counselling, change management, employment law, talent management, motivational theories and conflict resolution. I love new ideas, taking a risk, creativity and, above all, sharing my learning.

I have spent the last decade specialising in career coaching, learning and development. My clients include ibec, Irish Times Training, thelearningrooms and University College Dublin. This work gives me a wonderful insight into career obstacles and solutions. I use this knowledge to support you!

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