1. What interests you?
2. What are you good at?
3. What kind of person are you?

Don’t attempt to choose any Leaving Cert subjects or complete any CAO application until you can answer these questions! Why? It’s only when you put these pieces together: interests, talents and personality, that you get a clear picture of careers best suited to you.


You should start here. These are the activities that really mean something to you. You maybe don’t know why, but they just do. The students I’ve met have had a wide variety of interests including:

  • Baking and decorating cakes
  • Drawing comic strips
  • Model Making
  • Fixing cars
  • Writing stories
  • Watching big, epic movies
  • Calligraphy
  • Scouts
  • Playing Badminton
  • Music, playing the guitar/piano

Time disappears when you are doing something you love. So what’s on your interest list?


Otherwise known as your talents, but not the X Factor kind!

This is your natural ability or skill in a particular area. For career guidance purposes we check for ability in Verbal, Numerical, Abstract, Mechanical, Spatial, Clerical and Language Usage. You may have already completed DAT for Guidance or as everyone calls them your ‘DATs’. Often you’ll find if you like a subject, you’ll be good at it.

So do you love Algebra, writing essays, mechanical drawing? Sometimes, when we find something easy, we can assume everyone else finds it easy too, but they don’t! It’s really important to recognise your abilities as soon as possible and identify careers that match your areas of strength.


Personality is your distinctive patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving

Five fascinating facts:


1.   Personality is pretty much developed by the age of 7.

2.   Personality influences nearly every choice you make in your daily life.

3.   People can accurately judge your personality from your Facebook profile.

4.   Personality remains relatively unchanged throughout life.

5.   Where you come in the family; eldest, middle or youngest can influence your personality.


Let’s look at some examples of career and personality MISmatch, imagine:

  • a GP who doesn’t like talking to people,
  • a fire fighter who can’t react in emergency situations,
  • a novelist who hates working alone, and
  • a career counsellor who isn’t really interested in people

Pretty disastrous, I think you’ll agree!

So ‘use the force’ and recognise your personality traits. Involve your friends and family.
What do they think you are like; organised, meticulous, outgoing, spontaneous, sensitive?
Or get in contact if you’d like me to help you discover your aptitudes, interests and personality.


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