As parents, with some mileage on the clock, we know what it’s like ‘out there’.

We know our young adults are facing a very different world of work. In 10 years they may find themselves in occupations that haven’t even been invented yet!

What else do we know?
1. The difference between an ‘okay’ job and a great career.
2. How important it is to make good friends.
3. Just how scary that first day in a new job or college can be.

Guess the most common response to my question: what do you want for your child?

“I just want them to be happy”

It says it all. Time has given us the experience and perspective to recognise what’s really important. As our children grow and gain more independence, we understand that we can’t make them happy but we can give them the tools to build a life of contentment and satisfaction.  Their choice of career will have a huge impact on their quality of life. My passion is to enable students to realize their potential and help them to discover (and appreciate) their inherent talents, interests and personality. This knowledge gives them a significant advantage as they progress through school, college and onto future careers.

Proper Assessment Takes Time

Career Compass is a small business with a BIG heart and BIG dreams. The focus of my people-centred service is to empower students with the knowledge they need to achieve. My approach ensures there is always time to discuss all career concerns or tease out other issues that may be affecting your teenager.

The whole process takes about 8 hours over 3 sessions so it’s a real investment. However, I believe the time is well spent as career/college decisions are a big deal and shouldn’t be rushed.

The Three Step Approach

At career compass, I have developed a three step method with a proven track record.


Meet with the parent(s) and student to discuss ideas, plans and any issues. Student also completes some initial interest inventories.


At next meeting student completes various psychometric assessments.
The full range of tests takes approximately 3.5 hours. This session can
be broken into 2 separate slots, if required.


The final meeting to present report with findings and recommendations.

Once your young adult knows where they want to go. Career Compass can also support them on their journey by providing:

Employment Services

1. The Mentor Me Programme – if your student would like to explore careers before they make their final career choices. Why not consider this programme? Here they can meet and learn from people working in their field of interest.

2. CAO Application Time – I can help to make sense of the CAO application process and assist your teenager to make their choices.

3. CV Writing Service – get that CV polished up, highlighting skills and abilities to a potential employer.

4. Interview Preparation – an expert in interview preparation, I can coach your student through that all important job or graduate interview so that they are confident and ready for any question.

5. Presentation Preparation – overcome the butterflies, dry mouth and sweaty palms at the next presentation by learning tips and techniques with me.

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“An excellent course…really insightful, very helpful in preparing for interviews”

“Very enjoyable two days, learnt a lot. Great course material for future referencing”

“A great course, delivered with knowledge and energy and a great sense of humour”

“Elaine was a consummate professional with a lovely warm personality. Highly competent”

“I would highly recommend Elaine, she was an excellent motivator, and steered Saoirse in the right direction towards her career choice. Leaving cert is a difficult year for children, but having someone like Elaine, who gently motivates and guides them is an absolute blessing.” Mother of student

“I approached Career Compass because as a student going to my final year of secondary school I needed to ensure I made the correct subject choices to keep all my options open for college, I also wanted advice on what college courses might suit me. One of the most significant outcomes for me was learning about what would not suit me as I was then able to narrow down my options and concentrate on the strengths Career Compass identified. I found the experience enlightening and would recommend Career Compass to anyone in my position. Elaine was very easy to talk to and very understanding of my needs and concerns”. Tara, 17

“I came to Career Compass aged 21. Having completed 2 years in college, I was lost and confused. I had reached a crossroads in my life, whether to purse a new line of study or move into the job market. Elaine really listened to all of my ideas and questions and took the time to get to know me as a person as well as academically. She helped guide me onto the next step which is returning to college to pursue a career as a secondary school teacher and dance teacher. Thanks Career Compass!” Kelly, 21

“You get 1 to 1 time and actually see possible careers for yourself” Tom, 17

“The most beneficial part was getting my son to think about college choices (most suited to his personality and ability) and to focus on the year ahead. A reality check!” Sarah, mother of student

“Do this assessment as soon as possible!” Margaret, mother of student

“Elaine brings great enthusiasm, commitment, insight and interest to her work” Rose Murphy, CEO Waterford Childcare Committee Ltd.

“Presentation skills were excellent, everything was communicated clearly, really enjoyed it. Thanks!”

“Good informative course, where theory can be brought through to practice”

“Excellent course. Concise and to the point. Presented extremely well. Friendly and inviting with a good variety of activities”