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How can Career Compass assist your organisation?

Why don’t I use my own Myers-Briggs Type Indicator profile (MBTI®)to illustrate. My results code is ENFJ, aka The Contributor.

My personality DNA means that communication and co-operation are key to the way I work and ensures that I:

• approach the world in a personal and involved way
• focus on communicating, helping and working with people
• understand and support others in an open and warm manner

Now, imagine you have a similar, but far more detailed, profile for your staff? This will inform you and them of their strengths, identify areas where they may struggle and suggest improvement strategies. Psychometric testing is a cost effective solution for recruitment and talent management. It can be used at any point in the recruitment process, at job analysis stage, at the first round of applications or at the final stage of hiring for a significant role. It also dove tails beautifully with any talent or performance management programme. These individual profiles form the basis of discussions with employees; facilitating problem solving and encouraging staff engagement.

Psychometric tests can ensure you select the right candidate

The most successful organisations hire the right candidates with the required level of attributes, skills and knowledge because they use the best selection tools. The top three are psychometric testing, competency based interviewing and work sampling. Used individually they are effective, combine them and you get a particularly robust and reliable recruitment process.

Depending on an interview alone to test a candidate’s skills can be a bit of a hit and miss affair.
As the interview panel:

a) may not be able to fully explain the type of person required for the role or;
b) incorrectly, trust their instincts to choose the right candidate or;
c) do not know how/when/why to ask further probing interview questions.

Psychometric tests provide assurance that the right candidate is hired and/or promoted.
They can objectively and reliably assess both the Ability and Personality of job candidates
and staff. So don’t make these crucial decisions in the interview room alone.
Consider psychometric testing to support your recruitment and talent management systems.

If you would like to discuss how psychometric testing can be a reliable solution for your organisation,
contact Career Compass and this ENFJ, aka The Contributor.

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