“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right” Henry Ford


About Me… my Journey to here!

All my experiences: the good, the bad and the ugly inspired me to set up Career Compass and offer a career support service for students, professionals and organisations. My passion is, and always has been, to support individuals in realising their potential. I do this by advising people on their career journeys, those just about to start and those who may find themselves a little lost.  For organisations, I provide recruitment and talent management assistance. Through the use of reliable tools such as psychometric assessments (The 16 PF© and Myers Briggs Type Indicator©), competency interviewing, work sampling, 1:1 and group skills development.

So, where has my journey taken me?

Rewind to 1993, I still clearly remember trying to complete my CAO application and desperately needing career guidance. I can also clearly remember the heavy weight of expectation, the fear of making a mistake, wasting all that study and falling short of my own ambition. Many years later, I now know what I was looking for: advice and support that took all the facets of me into account, my aptitudes, interests and personality. Like a lot of people, I have walked down my fair share of career cul de sacs. However, through trial and error and some lucky breaks, I discovered (and appreciate) my aptitudes and personality. I now get tremendous satisfaction by assisting clients to progress their careers.

During my career, I have supported many colleagues and managers to overcome people management issues; through recruitment, talent management and training. Common themes are staff motivation, ineffective delegation, job/person mismatch, (mis)communication. The good news? These skills can be mastered!

My professional and academic career has given me an in-depth knowledge and experience of a wide variety of areas such as; psychology, adult learning theory, sociology, talent management, employment law, motivational theories and conflict resolution. I love new ideas, taking a risk, creativity and, above all, learning.

My Qualifications… a lot of years of learning!

  • Fully qualified psychometric Test User: Occupational Ability and Personality and member of British Psychological Society.
  • FETAC Level 6 Train the Trainer
  • Honours Degree in Human Resource Management and Associate member of CIPD
  • Masters in Women’s Studies, First Class Honours
  • Honours Postgraduate Diploma in T.E.F.L. (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)
  • B.A Honours Degree: English, Sociology and Politics


Some Feedback…what clients say when I leave the room!

“An excellent course…really insightful, very helpful in preparing for interviews”

“Very enjoyable two days, learnt a lot. Great course material for future referencing”

“A great course, delivered with knowledge and energy and a great sense of humour”

“Elaine was a consummate professional with a lovely warm personality. Highly competent”

“I would highly recommend Elaine, she was an excellent motivator, and steered Saoirse in the right direction towards her career choice. Leaving cert is a difficult year for children, but having someone like Elaine, who gently motivates and guides them is an absolute blessing.” Mother of student

“I approached Career Compass because as a student going to my final year of secondary school I needed to ensure I made the correct subject choices to keep all my options open for college, I also wanted advice on what college courses might suit me. One of the most significant outcomes for me was learning about what would not suit me as I was then able to narrow down my options and concentrate on the strengths Career Compass identified. I found the experience enlightening and would recommend Career Compass to anyone in my position. Elaine was very easy to talk to and very understanding of my needs and concerns”. Tara, 17

“I came to Career Compass aged 21. Having completed 2 years in college, I was lost and confused. I had reached a crossroads in my life, whether to purse a new line of study or move into the job market. Elaine really listened to all of my ideas and questions and took the time to get to know me as a person as well as academically. She helped guide me onto the next step which is returning to college to pursue a career as a secondary school teacher and dance teacher. Thanks Career Compass!” Kelly, 21

“You get 1 to 1 time and actually see possible careers for yourself” Tom, 17

“The most beneficial part was getting my son to think about college choices (most suited to his personality and ability) and to focus on the year ahead. A reality check!” Sarah, mother of student

“Do this assessment as soon as possible!” Margaret, mother of student

“Elaine brings great enthusiasm, commitment, insight and interest to her work” Rose Murphy, CEO Waterford Childcare Committee Ltd.

“Presentation skills were excellent, everything was communicated clearly, really enjoyed it. Thanks!”

“Good informative course, where theory can be brought through to practice”

“Excellent course. Concise and to the point. Presented extremely well. Friendly and inviting with a good variety of activities”